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Gardein plant-based proteins are ideal meat substitutes for everything on your menu, and they’re great for trying out fresh and unique recipes. With our broad selection of meatless products, you can make anything from sandwiches and salads to stir-fries and pastas. Explore, experiment, eat—and join the growing number of chefs and restaurants using Gardein!

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“I was excited to use Meatless Meatballs—they’re a perfect vessel for my plant-based customers seeking meatless options on my menu.”

—Chef Mikel Andrews

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Chefs are making meatless masterpieces with Gardein products, and you can, too. Explore the potential of plant-based proteins and help your menu appeal to more customers than ever.

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Decades of preparing meatless proteins have led to quite a recipe collection. Try cooking with Gardein—it’s so easy and inspiring, you’ll discover flavorful variations and entirely new ideas for making plant-based culinary delights.

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