Plant-Based Proteins. Perfect in Any Meal.

Everyone’s favorite foods can easily be made meatless! Gardein Foodservice makes a wide variety of plant-based proteins with real meat taste, texture, and nutrition. For people seeking menus with meat alternatives, our delicious products offer everything from meatless chick’n tenders to meatless meatballs. It’s meatless, well done!

Our Plant-Based Proteins

This is good stuff! Ancient grains, veggies, and non-GMO soy, wheat, and canola. Real meat taste, texture, and nutrition. No cholesterol, less saturated fat, and fewer calories than traditional proteins. And did we mention it’s delicious? It’s delicious.

Why Gardein?

Meatless is more than vegetarian and vegan—plant-based proteins satisfy a whole range of consumer desires in a delicious way.

Get Inspired

It’s easy to make menu items meatless! See who’s serving up Gardein and explore recipes that show how simple it is to include plant-based proteins in popular meals.

How to Use Gardein

The short answer is: Like any traditional protein. But of course, we have tasty tips and tricks for preparing plant-based proteins, training guidelines, and much more.

Doing Plant-Based Business

Plant-based proteins are our passion. At Gardein Foodservice, we want to help you make the most of adding our wide variety of delicious meat alternatives to your menu.